Telecom Infrastructure

Telecom infrastructure is undergoing significant changes to accommodate 5G transport and bandwidth on demand, to enhance the experience of end users. The industry has come a long way from TDM and SONET/SDH based transport systems, to Ethernet-based packet switching infrastructure. A key imperative of 5G telecom infrastructure is to support advances in frequency, phase and time alignments throughout the network. 5G technologies require stringent time error budgets for optimal network performance. Trimble’s portfolio of products, including GNSS receivers and PTP Grandmasters, offer support for accurate time and frequency transmission for the Telecom industry.

Based on GNSS satellite atomic clock reference, Trimble GNSS timing receivers provide precise pulse-per -second(PPS) and 10MHz reference frequencies to telecom equipment such as base station with 1.16 x 10e-12(24 hour) and +/-15ns UTC(1-sigma) accuracy. Trimble’s PTP Grandmaster derives 1PPS/10MHz from the GNSS satellites at the PRTC B class level, with excellent holdover performance (typical +/-1.5us at 12 hours), so you can easily deliver the time and phase reference to Telecom equipment through your Ethernet networks.

Trimble GNSS receivers and PTP Grandmasters offer highly accurate time and frequency for your 5G network services.

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