Disciplined Clocks

Disciplined Clocks are a trusted and accurate source of timing. Even when GNSS signals are unavailable, they continue to output precise time. These powerful devices consist of GNSS receivers that discipline high quality oscillators to provide a highly accurate time source, comparable to expensive atomic frequency standards. Trimble’s disciplined clock product lines offer a range of performance choices holdover, phase noise, size and cost, ideally suitable for your application.

GNSS Antennas

A GNSS Antenna is the main interface through which GNSS receivers take external UTC input and provide UTC traceability information through its output signals in the form of 1PPS, 10MHz and TOD. Trimble provides a wide selection of GNSS antennas, including high gains for timing applications. Trimble’s Bullet and Bullet 360 series of antennas are hardened with advanced technology filtering capabilities to provide reliable performance in hostile RF jamming environments. The Bullet series of antennas offer customers the flexibility and choices of constellations and configurations, and unmatched reliability..

GNSS Receivers

Trimble offers an existing line up of GNSS timing modules that provides GNSS receiver and PRTC function to be integrated with network equipment. Trimble’s newly added RES720 and ICM720 GNSS receivers provide a dual band multiconstellation secured resilient timing and act as primary reference time clock (PRTC) for precision time distribution in a network. It is the key component to receive and convert the UTC time from GNSS signals. The RES720 GNSS receiver combines PRTC and LNA (low noise amplifier) circuits as an external standalone device or as an internal board or module, and the ICM 720 also offers a programable 10 MHz frequency output.

Additionally, Trimble offers a GNSS receiver integrated with the antenna into an IP67 weatherproof enclosure. Trimble’s Acutime 360 product provides the UTC traceability output in the form of 1PPS and TOD signals to a device requiring UTC time that is up to 1 km from the deployment site.

Trimble also work with customers to develop custom GNSS receiver solutions. Our GNSS custom receivers and Acutime 360 solutions are used by world’s leading networking and Base Station equipment manufacturers. Trimble’s GNSS receivers timing modules make it easier for OEM suppliers to develop their own solutions for 5G, Autonomous Vehicles and Smart Grid environments.

Packet Timing Solutions

Precision Time Protocol (PTP) is the standard that guarantees both phase and frequency alignment across the entire packet network. Packet network infrastructure relies on PTP to synchronize timing devices across the network.

Essential components of the synchronization architecture are the grandmaster, slave and boundary clocks. A Grandmaster clock provides standard time information to other clocks across the network A slave clock depends on the master clock for its accuracy, whereas a boundary clock can act as either a destination or source of synchronization information.

Trimble’s portfolio of products addresses all these needs.