Trends that are shaping Enterprise private 5G

Posted by Dhiman Chowdhury on September 20th, 2021

Democratization of 5G paved the way for some enterprises to embrace 5G to build their own private mobile network and for good reasons: lower TCO, control, security and a means of ubiquitous connectivity for digitally transformed enterprises. To this conjecture, three 5G deployment trends are shaping the future of connectivity for enterprise private wireless networks. That…

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How do you synchronize democratized 5G RAN Infrastructure?

Posted by Dhiman Chowdhury on August 26th, 2021

In my previous article, I discussed about the typical synchronization requirements in 5G xhaul network. To set the background, please peruse it at .Traditionally, fronthaul is defined as the fiber-based connection in RAN infrastructure between the Baseband Unit (BBU) and Remote Radio Head (RRH). In such a setup, the underlay radio protocol stack remains…

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Why is synchronization critical to 5G networks?

Posted by Dhiman Chowdhury on August 9th, 2021

Time synchronization is critical to 5G infrastructure and a fundamental conduit of the network. It begins with the very spectrum on which the fifth generation (5G) RAN (Radio Access Network) depends upon. The 5G Radio spectrum uses TDD (Time Division Duplex) as the preferred method of spectrum usage. In TDD, a single frequency is shared…

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Private 5G: Mid-band Spectrum is a Game Changer for connected Enterprise

Posted by Dhiman Chowdhury on April 21st, 2021

Globally, 5G mid-band (3.5G to 6 GHz) spectrum specifically sub 2GHz to 4.2GHz that offers reliable private wireless services to enterprise is becoming a preferred choice of many deployments. In the USA, 3.5G to 3.7GHz (Band 48) is gaining momentum for enterprise private wireless networks. A new generation of vendors and operators are now offering…

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Homogeneity to Heterogeneity: Does Synchronization matter in Enterprise 5G?

Posted by Dhiman Chowdhury on January 26th, 2021

Overlooking the vast waterways of Surma plains in the north eastern part of Bengal delta, I observed a natural phenomenon in my childhood that till date vivid in my mind. As migratory birds flock over the waterways during the twilight of dawn and dusk, they appear to maintain a natural symmetry of forming a sign…

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